Welcome to Jeremy’s Puppies

Experience the Paw-fect Puppy Hunt

Are you bored of your human friends?

It’s time to change the plans!

With us, you’ll find those little scarier,

but friendlier than the “hoo-man.”

We know finding the right puppy may be a challenging task. Hence, Jeremy’s Puppies brings you a convenient and accessible platform for choosing and purchasing the perfect pup from the comfort of your home.

Our Mission

  • Connect healthy pups with loving homes.
  • Discourage all breeding methods that jeopardize innocent dogs’ and pups’ health and well-being.
  • Develop a positive and progressive atmosphere for pet adoption.

Our Vision

  • Establish a radical change by providing animals the loving homes they deserve.
  • Improve the adoption experience for pet lovers.
  • Provide a humane and caring future for all of our animal companions.

Our Core Values

Jeremy’s Puppies is a compassionate, solution-friendly, & quick-witted platform to connect pet enthusiasts with their furry pals as well as provide the puppies with loving homes and families. We are committed to excellence and motivated by integrity, delivering healthy pups and cheerful smiles to their owners.

Why Jeremy’s Puppies

  • Our dogs are 100% vetted and screened.
  • Our exclusive transportation network ensures the safe transfer of your new pet to your home.