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American Water Spaniel

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American Water Spaniel Profile

Country of Origin:

United States.


15 - 18 inches; 24-45 pounds


Consists of longish oily hair. Colors can be liver, brown, or dark chocolate.


This dog is sensitive, has a high pain tolerance, and is sometimes timid. It is intelligent and loyal to its master. Barking can be a problem.


The American Water Spaniel is good with other dogs in the family, but can be aggressive toward strange dogs. It is generally gentle with other animals and children.


The coat needs weekly brushing. The hair around the feet and topknot may be clipped. The ears should be checked on a regular basis.


Strong-handed training methods are generally ineffective. Sessions should be short, ongoing and occur on a daily basis.


This dog is a natural lover of water, a skilled retriever and hunter. It needs daily exercise, preferably in the form of a long walk.