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Appenzell Mountain Dog

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Appenzell Mountain Dog Profile

Country of Origin:

The Appenzell Mountain Dog is also known as the Appenzeller Sennenhund and the Appenzell Cattle Dog. There are two separate theories concerning the origin of the breed. One theory suggests it is a native breed dating back to the Bronze Age. The other theory states that the Appenzell Mountain Dog was brought into Switzerland by the Romans. Regardless of which theory is correct, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is one of the four Swiss Sennenhunds.


The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a medium size dog whose height will range from 18-23 inches and who will weigh between 49-70 pounds.


The Appenzell Mountain Dog has a straight-haired double coat. The basic colors are black or brown with symmetrical white and rust markings. A white blaze and rust marking over the eyes must be present on the head. Rust is always between the black and the white.


The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a very loyal dog. It tends to bond with one person but will be loyal to the entire family if they around it frequently. They are a very intelligent breed who need lots of attention. If they are ignored they may become mischievous and may no longer want attention from anyone. The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a working dog and loves to herd cattle and will eagerly do pretty much any other kind of work you want it to do.


Although very loyal to it's family, the Appenzell Mountain Dog is unsure and weary of strangers. They do get along well with children and dogs and cats as long as socialized well as a puppy.


The Appenzell Mountain Dog is fairly easy to groom. Just remove the dead hairs with a brush as needed.


Appenzell Mountain Dogs learn very quickly. Because of their high intelligence, they really want to have a job to do. They enjoy being outdoor with their handler.


The Appenzell Mountain Dog enjoys agility skill trials and games of catch. They enjoy having a job to do and enjoy the freedom of space. This breed is not appropriate for apartment life, living indoors or in a kennel.