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Black Mouth Cur

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Black Mouth Cur Profile

Country of Origin:

The Black Mouth Cur has it's origin in the United Sates.


The Black Mouth Cur will reach a height of between 16-25 inches and a weight of 45-95 pounds.


The short coat of a Black Mouth Cur can come in a variety of shades of yellow, fawns and brindle. Some Black Mouth Cur can be born with heavier coats while others within the same litter can be born with lighter coats. Black muzzles are preferred.


The Black Mouth Cur is a great hunting dog whose quarry includes boar, bear, deer, squirrel and coon. This dog never retreats and is naturally proficient at treeing and baying. The Black Mouth Cur is a relentless and powerful hunter but is also kind and protective with family. They are fiercely loyal.


The Black Mouth Cur are a sensitive breed who are overtly protective of children, even when parent disciplines their child. They have an even temperament and will give their lives protecting their family. They should not be trusted with non-canine pets.


The Black Mouth Cur is easy to groom. They require only occasional combing and brushing to remove dead and/or loose hair. Bathe only when necessary.


Striking or spanking a Black Mouth Cur is not encouraged and is very counter-productive. This breed is very voice sensitive and a sparingly used stern voice is the best tool. They are intelligent and predictable. Training sessions should be short but frequent in order to keep them from becoming bored.


The Black Mouth Cur is a hunting dog and they require a great deal of regular exercise. They need plenty of room to run and do best when given a long, brisk daily walk. However, note that even just one long run once a day is not enough to keep them occupied. They make great jogging companions and is not suitable for apartment living.