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Border Terrier

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Border Terrier Profile

Country of Origin:

The Border Terrier hails from an area near the border of England and Scotland. This breed was and still is utilized to rid farms of vermin such as mice, rats, and fox. The Border Terrier was utilized for hunting fox due to its comparable size and ability to keep up with the horses while still fitting into the fox hole to drive him out.


The male Border Terrier can reach heights of 13-16 inches and a weight of 13-16 pounds. The female Border Terrier will reach heights of 11-14 inches and a weight of 11-14 pounds.


The Border Terrier's coat is a double coat with a soft undercoat and a top coat that is very wiry and dense. The top coat is intended to be dirt and weather resistant, making them ideal for work on the farm. The top coat is coarse and will have no curl to it and will require stripping typically twice a year to remove the dead hair. The Border Terrier sheds very little. Border Terrier's can come in a variety of colors such as blue/tan, grizzle/tan, red or wheaten.


The Border Terrier is brave and tenacious, and occasionally stubborn. They will take well to training as they are very willing to please, but they will require a consistent pack leader. The Border Terrier is an agile hunter, and will do their absolute best to squeeze through any hole to collect their prey. The Border Terrier's tenacity makes them an excellent ratter. They will however, have the propensity to chase small animals, so it is not advised to leave your Border Terrier alone with small pets such as birds, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice or hamsters. The Border Terrier is also prone to digging, so any garden should be well guarded by fencing. The Border Terrier can become timid if not properly socialized and needs to be introduced to loud noises at a young age.


The Border Terrier will get along well with other dogs and cats as long as they are well socialized from a young age. As stated previously, it is not recommended for Border Terrier's to be left unsupervised with small pets. The Border Terrier loves to play and has plenty of energy. They enjoy the company of children and will play with them endlessly. As a puppy or young adult, the Border Terrier is very active, however, they will mellow with time so long as they receive regular exercise.


The Border Terrier's dense and wiry coat will require stripping 1-2 times per year to remove excess dead hair from the body. They will require weekly brushings and baths only when necessary. The Border Terrier will take well to apartment living so long as they receive a fair amount of exercise including a regular daily walk. They will enjoy outdoor play, but a small yard is sufficient. The Border Terrier's life expectancy is 15 years or more.


The Border Terrier is a fairly quick learner and will excel in agility. However, the more you teach them, the more difficult it may become to teach new tricks. The Border Terrier is eager to please and will respond well to a loving but firm hand when training. It is necessary to exert yourself as a firm pack master from a young age to avoid Small Dog Syndrome.


The Border Terrier is a relatively high energy, playful breed. They will greatly enjoy a romp around the yard with the children. Regular daily walks are necessary in addition to outdoor play to ensure proper exercise is received. The Border Terrier will enjoy games that simulate a hunt, allowing them to exercise their minds as well as bodies while satiating their natural instinct.