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Ca de Bou Profile

Country of Origin:

The Ca de Bou, also known as the Perro dogo Mallorquin, Mallorquin Bulldog and Mallorquin Mastiff, hails from the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. They are considered an ancient breed that may have been developed by crossing local herding dogs with English Bulldogs. The purpose of this breeding was to create a dog optimal for bull baiting that could also withstand the extreme heat of the local. The Ca de Bou was utilized for bull baiting as well as dog fighting, but began to gain recognition as an accomplished herder, guard dog and butcher's assistant (holding down the bull for the butcher). The Ca de Bou was also used by the Spanish in their harbors to protect ships from pirates and robbers. The Ca de Bou's first official entry into the Spanish Stud Book was in 1928. The breed was first exhibited in the Dog Show in Barcelona in 1929.


The male Ca de Bou will reach heights between 21-22 inches and an average weight of 77-83 pounds. The female Ca de Bou will reach heights between 20-21 inches and an average weight of 66-74 pounds.


The Ca de Bou's coat is short-haired and will feel rough to the touch. Coat colors for the Ca de Bou include brindle, fawn and black in order of preference. Lighter shades of the brindle or fawn are not preferred. White markings on the front feet, chest and muzzle are acceptable. However, white markings that cover greater than 30% of the chest are a disqualification.


The Ca de Bou is a quiet and subdued breed, but will still exhibit courage in the right circumstances, never backing down from a fight. The Ca de Bou makes an outstanding guard dog with uncanny protection instincts. This breed is also quite loving and will be completely devoted to his owner. This breed however, requires an experienced pack leader that will rule with consistent discipline.


The Ca de Bou is faithful and affectionate with its family and will get along with children. They require a great deal of regular socialization from a very young age and well into adulthood. The Ca de Bou will not be made to back down once antagonized and should not be left alone with other animals.


The Ca de Bou requires very minimal grooming. A light brushing with a rubber brush periodically to remove dead hairs is sufficient. The Ca de Bou requires bathing only when necessary. It is possible for the Ca de Bou to acclimate to apartment living as long as they receive adequate exercise. This breed will be quite active indoors so it is not necessary for them to have a yard, when getting enough exercise.


The Ca de Bou requires an experienced owner that exhibits natural leadership. It is recommended that training basic manners and obedience as young as possible. This is because the Ca de Bou was built for strength and tenacity, making it a larger risk to correct a full grown dog. The Ca de Bou will not take well to aggressive training. This should be avoided at all costs, as this could be dangerous for the owner. It is best to train your Ca de Bou in a positive manner while still correcting inappropriate behavior.


The Ca de Bou is a moderately energetic dog that will require an average amount of exercise. A long regular daily walk or even jog will keep your Ca de Bou fit and happy. It is imperative to remember when on a walk that the dog must heel behind or beside the owner. If your Ca de Bou is allow to lead the walk, they may begin to think that they are in charge.