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English Golden Retrievers

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English Golden Retrievers Profile

Country of Origin: In 1936, in England, the KC changed their standard to include cream in acceptable colors. Today, English Golden Retrievers can be found around the world. However, to be a full English Golden Retriever, the dog must have European lines from both parents' sides that meet the standard for the KC.

Size: The English Golden Retriever will reach a height between 20-24 inches. Their heads are generally larger and blockier than that of their American counter-parts.

Coat: The thick, soft and water repellent coat can come in a variety of shades. Any shade of gold or cream is acceptable.

Character: English Golden Retrievers are very loyal to their families. They are great with kids and other household pets. They are also very obedient and intelligent

Temperament: English Golden Retrievers are sweet, loving and athletic. They are a laid back breed but yet still playful.

Care: English Golden Retrievers need groomed at least 2 times per week. They should be kept on high quality food and vitamins as well. Exercise is vital in the health of your English Golden Retriever.

Training: English Golden Retrievers are an intelligent breed that need consistent training. They are obedient in nature and are easily trained.

Activity: English Golden Retrievers need plenty of daily exercise, especially if they are kept indoors.