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English Shepherd Profile

Country of Origin:

The English Shepherd is believed to have been brought to the British Isles from Rome by Caesar himself when the Romans invaded in 55 BC. These excellent herding dogs were brought along to herd the livestock the army kept with them for food. Eventually, when the livestock was depleted and the dogs were no longer necessary, they were left behind. The English Shepherd was then acquired by natives of the area and bred with their existing dogs to create an enhanced dog with excellent abilities not only in herding, but in hunting and guarding as well. The English Shepherd then crossed the ocean with the first English settlers in America. They then followed the settlers in their colonization from the east to the west coast. The English Shepherd is very similar to the Border Collie, however, their herding styles are quite different, making them easy to tell apart. While other herding breeds tend to specialize in one type of livestock or another, the English Shepherd is more of a jack of all trades, working all types of stock from chickens to cows using just the right amount of force for each task. Some of the English Shepherd's other talents are search and rescue, therapy, dog agility, obedience, rally obedience, tracking and fly-ball.


The English Shepherd will typically reach an average height of 18-23 inches. The male English Shepherd will reach an average weight of 45-60 pounds while the female is slightly smaller with an average weight of 40-50 pounds.


The English Shepherd's coat is medium in length and can come in straight, wavy or even curly varieties. The coat can come in a variety of colors. The typical coat colors for the English Shepherd are tricolor, sable and white, black and tan and black and white. It is possible to see English Shepherds with solid coats, brindles, red nosed tricolors as well as sables, however, these are rare and not seen often. The English Shepherd should never exhibit a merle coat. This is not a characteristic of the breed.


The English Shepherd is a very intelligent and attentive breed. They are excellent herding dogs and can be left to accomplish their tasks on their own. The English Shepherd is very trainable and will respond quickly to a command from their master. In addition to herding, the English Shepherd is also a skilled athlete and will often find success in competitions in agility, fly-ball and Frisbee.


The English Shepherd is an extremely friendly and energetic breed. The English Shepherd is regarded as an excellent family companion and watch dog. The English Shepherd is typically reserved with strangers and will alert the family to an unknown intruder. This breed also does very well with children. Although, it is best if the dog has been raised with them from an early age. The English Shepherd does not typically exhibit issues with dog aggression and will typically get along well with other non-canine pets as well. Again, it is necessary to socialize from a young age for the best results. The English Shepherd's bossy nature must be kept at bay within the family, otherwise the dog may attempt to exert themselves as the alpha.


The English Shepherd requires very little grooming attention. The coat of the English Shepherd is quite smooth and dirt will typically slide right off. The occasional brushing and bath when necessary is all this breed requires.


The English Shepherd is an extremely intelligent breed that will be quite easy to train. This breed is known to respond instantly to commands as well as the sound of his master's voice. The English Shepherd does still require a firm and consistent, but not harsh, pack leader.


The English Shepherd is a herding dog. It is bred to work and will be happiest with a job to do. If the English Shepherd does not have acreage to run, they will need daily long walks or jogs to get the necessary daily exercise.