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French Spaniel

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French Spaniel Profile

Country of Origin:

The French Spaniel originated in France.


The French Spaniel will reach heights of 21-24 inches and will weigh between 44-55 pounds.


The French Spaniel's coat is medium in length and is a flat, dense, close, water resistant coat that is usually white with liver markings.


The French Spaniel is intelligent, loving and gentle. They are excellent hunters, persistent and courageous.


The French Spaniel loves it's family and is gentle with children. They love to be with their owners and work well in the water. They are known as excellent pointers and retrievers.


The French Spaniel needs regular brushing but only bathe when necessary. French Spaniels are light shedders and are generally a low maintenance dog.


The French Spaniel respond quickly to the tone of your voice and are easily intimidated. Their training needs to be consistent, firm but gentle.


The French Spaniel needs exercise. They love exercise and have great stamina. They will not do well indoors as they are very active. They need an active owner.