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German Coolie

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German Coolie Profile

Country of Origin:

Australia Also known as 'Australian Koolie', 'German Koolie' and 'Koolie'


Height: 15-22 inches; Weight: 21-44 pounds


Coat is smooth and comes in short or medium lengths. Long coat is not common.


The Coolie is alert, eager and willing to please. They are friendly and active. They are extremely loyal and devoted to their owner. They are a working dog and love to work.


The Coolie is friendly and attentive. They are outgoing and loyal and develop a strong bond to their owner and family. They are great with children if properly socialized.


For the short coats, little combing is required. The longer coats will require the occasional brushing. The Coolie loves water and if available, the Coolie will be playing in it. Due to possible water-born diseases, bathing is necessary.


The Coolie is an intelligent dog who has an impeccable work ethic and a strong desire to please. It is because of these features that make the Coolie a fairly easy dog to train.


The Coolie is an active dog. They are a worker who are used to Herd, perform in the sports arena (agility, flyball, tracking, free-style, frisbee), Search and Rescue and as a companion dog. They need regular vigorous exercise. If they do not have real work to do, they need to be taken on a daily, long walk or jog.