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Gordon Setter

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Gordon Setter Profile

Country of Origin:

The Gordon Setter is a large breed of dog that was developed in 17th century Scotland. The breed was popularized by Duke Alexander the 4th of Gordon in the 19th century as an excellent gun dog. The Gordon Setter is most often utilized to hunt gamebirds such as, partridge, pheasant, blackgame, snipe, woodcock, quail and guinea fowl. All of these birds will attempt to conceal themselves rather than take flight when threatened, allowing the dog to point out the prey to their hunter. The Gordon Setter is also a fine retriever, as they possess great stamina and an excellent sense of smell. While the Gordon Setter is conditioned to hunt regardless of climate, they are not as fast on their feet as a pointer and so the breed began to lose favor. The Gordon Setter still makes an outstanding one-man gun dog along with their other talents of guarding, tracking and watchdog skills. The Gordon Setter was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1884 and was one of the breeds utilized in creating the Irish Setter breed.


The male Gordon Setter will typically reach heights of 24-27 inches tall and an average weight of 55-80 pounds. The female Gordon Setter will reach heights of 23-26 inches tall and an average wieght of 45-70 pounds.


The Gordon Setter's coat is soft and shiny and can appear as wavy or straight. The Gordon Setter's hair is longer and feathered on the underside of the body, ears, chest, backside of legs and tail. The only color variety for the Gordon Setter is black and tan. The Gordon Setter is the only setter breed that offers this color combination. The tan markings should appear as chestnut or mahogany and should be located above the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle, the neck, two marks on the chest, on the legs and the vent. It is acceptable for a Gordon Setter to exhibit a small white marking on the chest.


The Gordon Setter is a high-energy, loving and affectionate breed. They are skilled hunters with an excellent nose. It is rare for a Gordon Setter to be wrong about a scent. The Gordon Setter is also regarded as a good watchdog as well as guard dog. The Gordon Setter, like all breeds, requires a firm and consistent hand when training. The Gordon Setter may become stubborn if they believe the pack leader to be passive.


The Gordon Setter is a loyal, polite and cheerful breed that makes an excellent family companion. The Gordon Setter is known to be an outstanding companion for children. They will get along will with other family pets as well, although they may attempt to exert their dominance. The Gordon Setter is very loyal and devoted to their family, but will be suspicious of strangers. The Gordon Setter is a hunter by nature and will likely follow a scent if it is caught. Due to this it is important that you do not allow your Gordon Setter off the leash in an unsecured area.


The Gordon Setter requires regular brushing/combing. Bathe only when necessary. The Gordon Setter is an average shedder.


The Gordon Setter requires early training, as it is difficult to correct bad behavior in an adult dog. The Gordon Setter requires consistent training with a loving approach.


The Gordon Setter is a very high-energy breed that requires a large amount of regular exercise. It is not uncommon for the Gordon Setter to become high strung or even destructive if not properly exercised. It is recommended that the Gordon Setter go for daily walks or jogs as well as outdoor play in a large fenced yard.