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Kerry Blue Terrier

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Kerry Blue Terrier Profile

Country of Origin:



Height: 45 - 48 cm (17.75 - 18.75 inches); Weight: 33-40 pounds


Is very curly, soft and thick. There is no undercoat. Puppies are born black, and after a year to a year and a half the coat changes color to blue.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is intelligent, self-confident, brave, and has a good memory. It bonds closely with its handler. It can be somewhat obstinate, has a mind of its own, and is somewhat contentious with other dogs. Barking is infrequent.


It is necessary to socialize the dog early with children, household pets, and cats in order to avoid problems down. road. Most Kerry Blue Terriers prefer to be the only dog in the family.


Occasional grooming with a brush and comb is required. In addition, it will need to be trimmed with a pair of. scissors and a trimmer. This dog does not shed.


Its handler must be very confident. It must be trained to ignore its natural inclination to fight other dogs. It has a knack for sports such as catch and agility training.


Being a sporty dog, it enjoys long walks, but can go the occasional week without strenuous exercise.