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Manchester Terrier

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Manchester Terrier Profile

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Manchester Terrier comes in two different sizes, Toy and Standard. Toy: Height: 10-12 inches; Weight: 6-8 pounds Standard: Height: 15-16 inches; Weight: 17-18 pounds


Usually black and tan. It is short, sleek, and shiny.


This dog is high-spirited, intelligent and cunning. It only barks in times of danger.


They get along well with children, but may try to dominate other dogs. This breed needs to get used to cats and other household pets at a young age.They make excellent watchdogs.


Dead and loose hairs should be removed with a rubber brush. Ears need to be kept clean, and claws must be kept short.


The Manchester Terrier learns quite quickly. It does well in obedience trials.


This breed demands plenty of exercise. Regular daily walks, as well as opportunities to run and play off the leash are necessary.