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Native American Indian Dog

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Native American Indian Dog Profile

Country of Origin:

The North American Continent


Height: 23-34 inches and Weight: 55-120 pounds


plush, dense 2 layer/ can be long haired or regular hair coated Hypoallergenic hair coat


Extremely intelligent and highly trainable.


Very friendly & outgoing, totally non-dog aggressive Care: High protein high fat diet required. happiest with another dog for companionship.


The coat should be brushed once a year during the shedding season. These dogs don't have a 'doggy' smell so they work well for people who usually suffer from pet allergies.


Highly trainable for Search and Rescue, handicap assist, sought after as a Therapy dog hunting dog, draught pulling competition dog, skiijoring, or agility


They require moder exercise and should be taken on walks daily.