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Russian Toy

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Russian Toy Profile

Country of Origin:

Russia, PLEASE NOTE: This breed has been accepted for recording in the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS). This is simply an avenue to maintain reputable records regarding the breed’s development. This breed is not eligible for AKC (American Kennel Club) registration.


Russian Toys will reach a height of between 8-10 inches and a weight of 3-6 lbs.


The Russian Toy can either be longhaired or smooth, short haired.


The Russian Toy is an agile, active dog. The breed is a hardy breed and yet are small and elegant. They are very lively and intelligent.


The Russian Toy is a loving companion dog. They are devoted to their family and love to be with their owner.


The short haired Russian Toy only needs to be brushed occasionally. The long haired variety should be brushed daily. Bathes should be given occasionally as needed. The Russian Toy is an average shedder.


The Russian Toy Terrier is an intelligent breed of dog who is relatively easy to train. This breed will do well in agility trials. They do require consistent, firm but loving instruction.


The Russian Toy Terrier is an active dog who requires a daily walk and lots of play time.