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Saint Berdoodle

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Saint Berdoodle Profile

Country of Origin:

United States - This is a cross between a St. Bernard and a Standard Poodle.


The St. Berdoodle stands 25-28 inches at the shoulder and should weigh at least 132 pounds.


The coat is medium length, wavy hair. This mixed breed sheds very little, if at all.


The St. Berdoodle is very friendly and good natured. It is loyal and protective.


The St. Berdoodle is excellent with children and friendly towards household pets and other dogs.


Brush and bathe as needed. The ears and eyes should be checked regularly.


The St. Berdoodle is an intelligent dog. They love to please their owners so training is relatively easy. Due to their size, leash training should begin at an early age.


Daily walks and/or playtime in the yard will keep this breed happy. They need an average amount of excerise and enjoy the company of their owners.