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Tamaskan Profile

Country of Origin:

The Tamaskan Dog originates from Finland.


The Tamaskan Dog will reach heights of 24-28 inches and will weigh between 50-99 pounds


The color of a Tamaskan Dog coat is Wolf Grey through to Red/Grey with black overlay and characteristic wolf mask. Coat texture is straight and close. In winter the coat differs as a impressive undercoat forms all over the body including the inner part of the ears. Well coated neck. The coat should form a slight ruff around the neck and shoulders framing the head.


The Tamaskan is highly intelligent and makes an excellent working dog. They have been known to exceed in agility, obedience and sled racing. The Tamaskan is a pack dog and does not like to be left alone for a long period of time.


The Tamaskan makes a good family dog as they are gentle with children and are generally accepting of other dogs. They enjoy the companionship of their family and will bond to both family and canine companion.


The Tamaskan has little grooming requirements. They do moult and require more frequent brushing during the moulting season, otherwise they only need a good brushing once a week.


The Tamaskan is highly intelligent. They can be easily trained with consistency, however, they are often stubborn.


The Tamaskan requires a great deal of exercise, including a daily long, fast-paced walk or jog. They enjoy running free and would do very well in a large yard.