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Tibetan Terrier

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Tibetan Terrier Profile

Country of Origin:



Height: 35.5 - 43 cm (14 - 17 inches); Weight: 18-30 pounds


This breed has a long, luxurious, fine topcoat that is either straight or wavy. The undercoat is wooly and dense.


This dog is brave, intelligent, noble, and loyal to its handler. It is cautious around strangers and dislikes being left alone.


Provided proper socialization has taken place, this breed gets along fine with other household pets. It is good with children, provided they know when to leave it alone. It may try to dominate other dogs.


Daily grooming with a brush is required to prevent tangles and remove loose hair. Regular baths are recommended. Excessive hair around the pads of the feet must be trimmed and the ears must be kept clean.


The Tibetan Terrier is very sensitive to the tone of its handler's voice, so a calm approach to training is needed.


This dog has boundless energy. Games of catch and agility skills trials are activities it enjoys.