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Volpino Italiano

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Volpino Italiano Profile

Country of Origin:



The Volpino Italiano's height ranges from: 9.8-11.8 inches and weighs between 8-12 pounds.


The coat is long, straight and glassy with fur that wraps around the dog's neck like a muff. The coat comes in white, red or champagne, though red is very rare and is thought to actually be extinct.


The Volpino Italiano is a lively and curious dog. Both playful and affectionate.


The Volpino Italiano is extremely attached to it's family. It is wary of strangers and has a strong watchdog instinct.


The Volpino Italiano only requires occasional bathing and brushing.


The Volpino Italiano requires early socialization. This breed is a quick learner and is able to adapt quickly to the spoken command as well as body language.


The Volpino Italiano is an active dog. They love to play and daily playtime will be sufficient for their exercise requirements. Is suitable for apartment living. They easily adapt to their environment.