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Welsh Terrier

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Welsh Terrier Profile

Country of Origin: England.

Size: Height: 17 - 18 inches; Weight: 35-45 pounds

Coat: Flat and straight, dense enough to protect it from the weather. Colors are rich red and white.

Character: The Welsh Springer Spaniel is steady and easygoing. It is an independent breed, yet very devoted to its family.

Temperament: This breed is somewhat reserved, even timid, around strangers. It is good with children, and gets along fine with other household pets, provided proper socialization has taken place.

Care: Brush the coat once or twice a week.

Training: Must be kind but firm. This dog learns quickly but training must be consistent.

Activity: This dog's need for daily strenuous exercise is best met by taking it for long walks and playing games in the yard. It makes a good hiking companion and is ideal for field sports.