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Height: 53 – 56 cm (20.75 – 22 inches); Weight: 45-55 pounds (20-25kg)


Color is various shades of reddish-brown. White markings on the feet and chest, as well as a small white blaze are permissible. A white tip to the tail is desirable.


This dog is loyal, affectionate, playful, brave and calm. It has a very strong hunting instinct.


Pharoah Hounds are somewhat wary around strangers. They get along well with children. They can be rather dominant around other males. Early training is necessary in order for the Pharoah Hound to learn to live with the family cat.


This breed is very low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. A rubber brush should be used to remove dead hairs.


The dog’s independence makes a consistent approach necessary in training.


This breed needs lots of exercise. A high fence around the yard is necessary to prevent it from running off in search of prey. Try jogging or bicycling with the dog running along beside you.

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